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About us

We go back a bit in history: to be precise to the year 1995. In this year we founded CHAPEAU. This was the forerunner of Zebraport, as we know it today. With CHAPEAU we acted as an intermediary for wines and garden furniture. In 2015, this changed to the current situation and the trade name Zebraport was taken into use. This was because a manufacturer asked us to represent them in the Netherlands and Belgium. Currently we are concerned with the supply and demand of industrial equipment.

Intermediary of technical equipment and spare parts

We are the intermediary that brings together the supply and demand of industrial equipment from customers and suppliers. With our services we want to unburden the customer in the search for new parts. In addition, we want to be an ambassador for companies and brands. Most of our customers are in the maritime and engineering sectors. The intention is that we will extend this to water treatment / water purification, aquaculture and the manufacturing industry.


Providing good service is our priority. Thanks to our years of knowledge and experience, we know better than anyone else how we can guarantee this. We think it is important to take a step extra in our services. In practice, this means that we not only supply a product, but also mediate additional products and/or services. We always go for the optimal result.

Do you like to know about us?

Have you been interested in more information about us after reading this article? Please contact us. This can be done through the contact form on our website, but it is also possible to contact us by telephone. We are ready and happy to help you further.



P.O.Box 79
NL – 5688ZH Oirschot

Tel:+31 (0)499847588
Mail: ask@zebraport.com