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BIO-SCAN, a product made by the French manufacturer BIO-UV, is the ideal disinfection system with UV-light. It disinfects any type of surface. It does this without using chemicals that cause side effects or health issues. Other advantages of a BIO-SCAN include: cost effective, powerful, quick, practical, ergonomic and user-friendly.

Intermediary Zebraport offers BIO-SCAN and many other products by BIO-UV. We are an intermediary that facilitates customers and suppliers in their supply and demand in industrial equipment and parts. However, we do more than just deliver products. We also assist with the mediation of additional products or services and are happy to advise you on matters.

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What is a BIO-SCAN?

As mentioned, the BIO-SCAN is a disinfection system that treats all types of surfaces. It is a certified process with a proven efficacy against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). The treatment time is lightning quick: merely 4 to 10 seconds. The BIO-SCAN system is also very reasonably priced and has a quick payback time.

A BIO-SCAN is the perfect product for the following industries:

  • Healthcare: hospitals, clinics, dentists and ambulances
  • Transportation: taxis and service vehicles
  • Maritime sector: staterooms, public living spaces and navigation instruments
  • Hospitality: receptions, tables and beds
  • Hotels

Zebraport provides advice on BIO-SCAN

  • Years of experience
  • We are happy to assist with mediation
  • Excellent service
  • We go the extra mile

Would you like to receive more information on BIO-SCAN or BIO-UV? Feel free to contact us. Or read the document below:

ZP productpage Bio-Scan 0620UK

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BIO-UV equipment

BIO-UV is a manufacturer from France that produces and develops professional UV equipment for industrial use. This UV equipment can, amongst other things, be used to purify water. This allows us to reuse water as often as we want.

In addition to BIO-UV products like BIO-SCAN we also offer liquid filters and other industrial filters of the FILTREX brand. These filters clean fuels, (sea) water and oils. Thanks to the cleaning the equipment’s motors get improved combustion and experience less wear off. FILTREX industrial filters are known for their quality, reliability and automatic cleaning.

Want to buy a BIO-SCAN?

Are you interested in a BIO-SCAN or would you like to know more about this product? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help.

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