Disinfection of a surface

Zebraport offers you all the right industrial equipment and parts that meet your customer's requirements, including the disinfection of a surface. In 2020 BIO-UV Group developed the BIO-SCAN® Surface Treatment System. This is a system to clean all surfaces without the use of chemicals. This system is certified according to the AFNOR NF T72-281 standard and is efficient against 99.999% of all bacteria and viruses, including the SARS COVID 2 virus.

Het systeem BIO-SCAN®

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Advantages and possibilities of BIO-SCAN®

  • BIO-SCAN® light: the most powerful UV on the market and the only device certified by independent laboratories for AFNORD/SARS COV 2;
  • BIO-SCAN® Drive: a BIO-SCAN® 233 system with a specific electrical adapter to plug it into a 12V cigarette lighter of a car. This is ideal for taxis, Uber, rental cars, ambulances etc;
  • BIO-SCAN® mobile;
  • BIO-SCAN® Cube: a new solution that can disinfect small objects within seconds. It is suitable for keys, glasses, telephones, etc.;
  • BIO-SCAN® 3D: the solution to disinfect larger surfaces. 38m2 in 5 min, 100m2 in 15 min and 200m2 in 30 min
  • O3CLEAN: solution for wet surfaces by using a spray with ozonised water.

Surface disinfection with BIO-SCAN®

BIO-SCAN® is a product of the French BIO-UV Group. This disinfection system works with UV-light and disinfects every surface. By using UV-light, there is no chance of side effects or health complaints. In addition, this method of disinfection is cost-effective, powerful, fast and practical. In addition, the concept is very simple and suitable for every user.

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